Customer Success

X Cross X Ltd. Ranch, Chance Bowers, Pampa, TX

We have bought close to 50-60 bulls from 2 Bar Angus in the last several years and every year the bulls just get better and better. We use 2 Bar Angus for several reasons: excellent growth, carcass traits, reproduction, and longevity. The bulls are adding lots of pounds. Our calves are weaning 700-750 pounds in the fall. The feed yards are loving the cattle and how they feed and grade and are giving premiums. The wonderful females that we are producing out of their bulls are unbelievable! Nearly 95% of our heifers are kept for our own replacement heifers or sold as replacements and I believe a lot of that has to do with the quality bulls we have been able to buy from 2 Bar Angus! The bulls are lasting and are standing up to the pasture and country they are having to cover. 2 Bar Angus stands behind their bulls!

Monte Richburg, Roscoe, TX, customer since 2006

At the ranch the bulls are easy to work and handle, their calves are what the EPDs say they will be. At the salebarn they bring top prices. Steve is a great guy, he stands behind his brand and always makes things right. Great Bulls!

Ty & Melissa Saulsberry, House, NM

We have used 2 Bar Angus Bulls for over 10 years now, and the low birthweight bulls have relieved a lot of the “middle of the night” work. These calves go on and mature just like the calves on the older cows. Our weaning weights came up using Steve’s bulls, especially with the second generation of cows. We retain ownership of our calves through the feedlot, and last year’s averages were 94% choice or higher with a $140 avg p/hd premium with USPB. The Knoll’s are doing a fine job of offering up an up to date line of genetics at affordable prices. We’re proud to do business with this family that we consider to be our friends.

Bob Mansfield, Mansfield Cattle, Amarillo, TX, customer since 2002

Our ranch is located on the breaks of the Canadian River. In this rough country, 2 Bar Angus bulls have never failed to do a good job. We have been pleased with excellent calf crops and the quality of our cattle continues to get better and better with these bulls.

Brandon Brown, Brown Ranch, Friona, TX

I purchased my first bulls from 2 Bar Angus in 2008. The 2 Bar genetics have improved my weaning and yearling weights along with the carcass merit of my cattle. Today every bull I run carries the 2 Bar brand. They raise good bulls and stand behind them 100%. I can’t say enough good things about the 2 Bar crew and the bulls they produce.