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Steve & Laura Knoll 4020 US Hwy 385, Hereford, Texas 79045

Steve: Phone 806-344-7444 • Email
Laura: Phone 806-344-7443 • Email 

Thank you for visiting the online home of 2 Bar Angus. We are pleased to offer you our very best and hope that you visit our web site often. Please contact us for more information or just to talk Angus cattle.

We believe that raising Angus cattle is all about selling genetics that give the advantage to our customers. We use proven genetics that are predictable and the best in the breed. We like small and vigorous calves that are born unassisted and quickly get up and nurse. We breed for calves that have rapid growth with an abundance of marbling and muscle. Calves that will earn premiums all the way through. Not necessarily big cattle, but pounds in the right package. I often look at it as if we provide a breeding service for our
customer, not just sell bulls, cows, embryos or semen.

We realize that you work hard for your money also, so we stand behind what we sell! Always remember, genetics that fit your program or environment are very valuable to you, and we will try to fit your needs as closely as possible. We want our genetics to create repeat customers not only for us, but also for you.

Thanks for your time,

Steve Knoll